Taxi Booking System is a strong online compunction software that provides all the tools and features needed to run your car rental business. The booking process is based on simple step-by-step navigation and you can manage it utilizing the intuitive council panel.

Admin Panel Feature List of Car Rental Booking System : 

Locations: The module allows you to create a location of your taxi rental operation and you can create an unlimited number of several locations. Each location has privacy settings.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete locations.
  • Specify how many days in advance you accept reservations?
  • Allow/disallow to return vehicles after business hours of the area.
  • Set area address, contact details and area on the map.
  • Define working hours for several days of the week.
  • Prohibit dates from the booking.
  • Set available expenditure methods for the area. Choose from Cash and Online Transfer.
  • Set information options.

Booking Forms: With this module, you can create an infinite number of booking forms and each of the forms define several settings.

  • Browse, add, edit or delete booking forms.
  • Select accessible areas.
  • Set the lowest gross value of the order to send a booking.
  • Set the time selector interval in minutes.
  • Set insolvency status for new orders.
  • Enable or disable the smart sticky option for an overview sidebar.
  • Decide whether to display the vehicle filter bar on step 2 of the booking form.
  • Decide whether to display the rental price per single day on step 2 of the booking form.
  • Build your fields of the order form, decide whether they are optional or required, specify error messages.
  • Add custom agreements needed to be accepted by the customer.
  • Define your custom colour style of the form.
  • Specify Google Map settings like wheel scrolling, dragging behaviour. Style the map your way. 

Bookings: Displays a list of all submitted orders (bookings) in the system.

  • Browse, edit or delete submitted bookings.
  • Set statuses for bookings: New Booking, Accepted, Rejected, Finished.

The administrator receives information about: pickup date and time, pickup area, return date and time, return area total payment, billing list with calculated fees, borrowed vehicle, ordered extras, client details and chosen expenditure method.

Booking Extras: A module that allows you to add an unlimited number of add-ons that can then be selected by the customer like a child seat, additional drivers, car security and more…

  • Browse, add, edit or delete booking extras.
  • Name the additive and add a description.
  • Select at least one area in which additive is available.
  • Define whether an add-on can be ordered more than once (a maximum number for a given add-on).
  • Set the price for single addition.
  • Select the price per entire rental period or price per day.
  • The select tax rate for the price.

Vehicles: With this module, you can define an unlimited number of vehicles (cars) and set several parameters for them. Browse, add, edit or delete vehicles.

  • Set vehicle name, description and featured image.
  • Select at least one location at which vehicle is available.
  • Set vehicle type (category).
  • Enter vehicle make and model.
  • Set number of seats and bags for a vehicle.
  • Set type of gearbox.
  • Set fuel state (or fuel policy).
  • Enter the minimum and maximum driver’s age.
  • Enable or disable “or similar” label for a vehicle.
  • Enter vehicle net price of rental per single day.
  • Define deposit value if applicable.
  • Define one-way fee if applicable.
  • Define after business hours return fee if applicable.
  • Define different tax rates for different types of prices.
  • Assign vehicle attributes.
  • Specify dates on which the vehicle is not available.

Pricing Rules: The module allows you to set an unlimited number of pricing rules that override default prices. For example, you can set a different price during holidays, on a specific day of the week or a weekend, or offer different prices depending on the length of the rental period. Browse, add, edit or delete pricing rules.

  • Select the forms the rule applies to.
  • Select the vehicles the rule applies to.
  • Set any day of the week the rule applies to recursively.
  • Specify custom dates or date ranges the rule applies to.
  • Specify the number of days (or a range of days) the rule applies to.
  • Set custom rate and tax rate.