The Company, being knowledgeable of the responsibilities imposed on it in terms of law, in specific Directive, shall accept by the hereunder stated:

Anthology of Personal Data shall be utilized only to the importance that it may be essential for the specialized and marketable system of its actions. 

Stoners shall be notified of any such anthology and shall also be notified of the specific objective for which it is being obtained not overdue than the period of the anthology. 

The Personal Data obtained shall be used relatively and legally for the specified objectives and only for these objectives;

Stoners shall be provided entry to their Personal Data. 

The Company shall assure that Users’ Personal Data shall be maintained secure utilizing both specialized and organisational criteria. 

The Company shall not ratify on Users’ Data to anybody unless a User particularly assents that it can so convey his or her data, and The Company shall only stock Users’ Data for the duration of time assigned for the objective for which it is obtained. 

Anthology of Data and Information

Stoners that wish to help themselves of that portion of the Services which expects enrollment and who fulfil an online petition shall be compelled to provide the Company with the specific aspect in the form of finalizing certain fields which the Company may suppose essential for the expenditure of the Services.

The Company may track Users’ stays to the Website to enhance appreciation of what requests most to Stoners and enhance the Services. To this stop, cookies may be established on Stoners’ computers or other appliances that are utilized to enter the Website.

Access and Control to Personal Data

The Company shall assure that Stoners’ shall be eligible to view the Personal Data carried by the Company on the specific Stoner; request that any Personal Data that is incorrect, insignificant or out of date be rewritten or deleted, and want to stop using the Assistance and have his or her Personal Data deleted if such omission is acceptable by law and/or will not implicate the Company’s position at law.


Company employees who have entry either to the databases that stock stoner evidence the servers that host the Services shall acknowledge with strict safety rules. Susceptible Personal Data shall be stored in an encrypted method.

The Company is not hereby attempting that no loss, misuse or substitution of data shall arise.

Disclosure of Personal Data

The Company shall only publish Personal Data if it is span to do so by law or if it has been expressly authorised to do so by the User worried. 

The Company shall not sell Personal Data to third groups unless it has collected the User’s consent there too.

The Company shall stock Personal Data for such intervals as may be essential to comply with legal regulations.