Client agrees to pay Mosanra the assistance fee, for any Program or Service Client enrolled in, under the terms of the Payment Plan Client assigned, comprising without restriction, all acceptable taxes, if any, by the billing phrases in effect at the time the assistance fee becomes payable. The client expressly comprehends, acknowledges and hereby approves Mosanra to automatically charge Client’s credit card or debit Client’s bank account once a month or one time as per the Program regulation.

Clients will be accused as soon as they sign up over the phone. Mosanra also reserves the right to maintain alternative means of expenditure up to and including debt anthology services and clients shall be liable for all anthology costs, containing without restriction, lawyers’ fees.

Payment Collection:

As Mosanra furnishes a bill-through service for sponsored listings, the corporation takes a substantial credit hazard for every Client. Therefore, the Client is liable to maintain an effective and valid expenditure method on file at all times. If for any explanation, the Client’s expenditure method is not accessible, Mosanra reserves the right to instantly and temporarily turn off the website, pay-per-click ads, funded listings and lasting or then-current creation, documenting, or assistance Services being delivered to the account. If the expenditure is not obtained, Mosanra reserves the right to eliminate the Agreement in full and retain possession of the website, or extra Services until such time the account has been spent in full. All Term Commitment Terminations will arise in an escalation of all payments owed under the Phrases of the Agreement. Many clients conserve multiple forms of expenditure on file to prevent this from arising. Articulations and Verifications Client exemplifies authorizations and covenants that

  1. The client has enough approval to enter into the Agreement; 
  2. The client is a business, not a buyer, and that Client’s use of Mosanra services is entirely for lawful marketable and business objectives; 
  3. The client has the essential rights to furnish all evidence given under the Agreement for use as characterized in the Agreement.