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Want to boost your business up? Mosanra can surely help you out with this. Our developers take the support of advanced MERN Stack Development to offer the great upliftment of the client work. We work with full enthusiasm for giving growth to the client’s benefit.

Here are the 4 Components of MERN Stack Development:

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • ReactJS
  • Node.JS



We have 7+ years of experience in delivering the MERN Stack Development. At Mosanra, we give you access to Top-Notch MERN Stack Development Solutions and also to have rapid growth in your business with the consultancy with our developers. Mosanra’s developers give their constant concentration to the work of the client. Because we believe in the value creation of our clients. We work hard for you and we give you the desired results you expect keeping in mind our client’s requirements and needs.

MERN Stack Developers

MERN Stack development is a Web Development Framework. MERN Stack works with components of its i.e. 

  • MongoDB: An open-source, document-based database.
  • Express: A minimalist web framework for Node.js known for its speed.
  • ReactJS: A front-end JavaScript library for creating user interfaces.
  • Node.js: A JavaScript runtime that operates on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine and brings JavaScript to the server

Each of the above 4 components works end-to-end framework of the web.

WHY choose MERN Stack for Web Development?

1) Better Performance:

All the open-source platforms like WordPress and Shopify are built on legacy LAMP languages like PHP. On the other hand, the MERN stack includes the capabilities of Node.js that enable the capability to handle a series of actions, that too asynchronously. 

2) Increased Security:

Applications developed by the MERN stack can be easily integrated with secure hosting providers that keep the information safe from cyber-attacks. 

3) Cloud Compatibility and High Scalability:

Since items are continuously added to an e-commerce platform, there is no way that scalability can be compromised. Along with Node.js that maximize processing capabilities, the MERN stack also includes the NoSQL database – MongoDB, which is highly scalable and compatible with cloud storage. Hence, the data gathered from the e-commerce platform can be easily managed from anywhere in the world.

4) Customizable Frontend Reducing Complexity:

MERN stack supports Model View Controller (MVC) architecture that supports unlimited customization on the front end of the platform. Hence, instead of managing the content via backend panels, you can modify your user interface to provide a unique experience to your users.

5) Code Reusability:

Components of a website developed via MERN technologies are interchangeable and reusable. It means that parts of codes from one project can be easily reused in other e-commerce platforms. 

6) Flexible Modifications:

Since all the codes and components are stored on a cloud platform, it becomes very easy to test codes and make modifications to them remotely. This reduces the time of developing and testing the application in a software development life cycle and enables quick and effective alterations in the application.

7) Effective SEO:

This digital marketing technique allows you to push your web pages on the first page of search engines and achieve the number 1 Google ranking for a particular set of keywords. To make your web pages SEO-friendly, it is important to keep their loading time as low as possible. As websites developed by MERN stack are optimized for high speed, you won’t face any issue in optimizing your website for SEO.

OUR TOP Most  MERN Stack Development Services

  • Web Application Development

Mosanra is a leading MERN Stack web developing company, we build secure APIs, best suited dynamic and scalable web applications.

  • Enterprise Application Development

We have been working on enterprise application development for a long time and we have the most technically experienced developers for developing the enterprise applications that help businesses to grow in heavy workloads easily and smoothly.

  • E-Commerce Application Development

Mosanra is the Top-Notch in MERN Stack Development Company. Has 7+ years of experience in developing intuitive, responsive, and secure e-commerce apps and web pages.

  • Custom MERN App Development

We develop the customized MERN Stack Applications and also the dynamic, interactive web apps. We work hard on developing them so the client is in the competition with the many useful features of your products.

  • CMS Development

Mosanra has developers who build your CMS (Content System Management) scalable, secure and dynamic that helps your web apps or pages run smoothly.

  • Migration & Upgradation

Mosanra has the expertise and comprehensive experience in migrating and upgrading your existing applications into advanced web applications to MERN Stack-based frameworks.

  • Dedicated MERN Stack Developers

Mosanra has highly dedicated developers for MERN Stack Development. Mosanra has the MERN Stack developers, testers, and project managers team. Developers work effectively and efficiently to deliver the work on time.

  • Support & Maintenance

Mosanra except for giving the services of developing the web apps or pages. We also provide support and also help in maintenance to their existing and proposed clients.