Job searching has evolved a lot over a decade as the internet has changed the way we function. By making everything available online and more standardised, job portals are making it susceptible for specialists and recruiters to interact with each other. Hence, in recent years, most companies have turned towards job portal development for hiring the best fit for their companies. On the other side, job seekers have turned towards job portals for searching and applying for jobs because of comfort and efficiency.

Feature-rich custom job portals website development is eligible for handling a huge amount of database. Its standardized structure also makes it simpler for both specialists and recruiters to find the best equip vacancies. With companies shifting their dependability of hiring on online portals, Job portals commit both company and seekers to generate a user base and make it susceptible to both.

Mosanra – A Go-To Company For Job Portal Website and App Development

Every job portal is unique and is designed to cater to a specific industry and workforce. Our expert team will guide you through the technical and promotional aspects of the portal and deliver the best Job Portal solutions for your niche. We will provide you with a –

Responsive Design  For Website & App Job Portal

We will help you devise an extraordinary design for your job port that will strengthen your company brand which means your job portal website will look good on almost all appliances and you will see a considerable increase in your profits.

Comfortable Development  (Job Portal Website & App )

Our recruitment portals are formulated under the most secure IT norms. All the 3rd party API integration is surveyed and verified with the self district sampling team to ensure high-level protection and precision.

Recruitment Analytics 

Our best-in-class, powerful and user-friendly logical and reporting tools will give you insights that are glancing for a successful business technique. Our tools will guide your marketing pushes to strengthen and grow your business and earnings.

At Mosanra, we build job portal websites and mobile applications that have advanced features for job petitioners and employers. Our job portal development services ease up your recruitment procedure and help you take your business accepted. With a high level of mastery and huge industry knowledge, we are confident of the work that we provide to our clients. As one of the best job portal development companies in India, our job portal development services are concentrated on providing our customers with nothing but the very best job portal solutions that work for the customers and increase revenue for the company. Our truism is to deliver quality programs with high ROI.

Exclusive Features of a Job Portal

Quantity Import of Resume – (In Online Recruitment Portal Development)

A custom job portal website development should allow the users to import bulk data of resume from any database. Custom-made features give your job portal solution skill in even lining it with 3rd party vigorous databases.

Beneficial Search

Job petitioners and mechanisms need fast and reliable search. A good keywords based search strengthens the user experience and overall usability of the website. Besides, selected resumes can be also saved for further checking with an additional personal statement and downloaded in DOCS & PDF format.

Job and Resume Posting ((In Online Recruitment Portal Development)

User-friendly job petitioner and job posting panels offer great navigation and user-friendly progression. All uploads and essential characteristics for the search are set to segregate giving the system excellent speed and skill.

Easy and Quick Job Browsing and Viewing Development For Job Portal (Online Recruitment Portal Development)

Combine easy browse criterion search results from suggested job sections. This feature helps in saving the relevant outcome for future journal and adds confidential notes along with it.

Online Application

The applicants can apply for a specific job on the web form, documenting the cover letter and connecting an online resume or CV file along with the petition.

Petition Tracking system

Petition tracking enables employers to analyse, accept, oppose and hold petitions. This search can also be enabled to be esteemed by the Job seekers for searching their petitions.

360 Degree Recruitment

A 360-degree job portal development solution ensures everything right from constructing to resume parsing to investigation which reduces your concerns about technical elements of job portals and helps you to concentrate on your lowermost line.

Marketing Insights and Assistance

This feature allows employers to establish a company profile or become a featured employer at the portal. With knowledge, you can also permit the user data and link it with the quantity of email and messaging points. This also helps you check the usefulness of the movements on the user relations etc.