Digital E-Wallet Mobile App Website Development Company

Mosanra has inaugurated this new, arising, and fast-growing technology in a very short period and has delivered many customized wallet outcomes to our clients to their achievement.

We create safe, secure, fast, reliable, and scalable apps for Android, iOS and web applications. To stay along with this cutting-edge expenditure uprising, get in touch with our critics and tell them your provisions and leave the rest to us, we will transmit you highly robust solutions.

Our e-wallet services

Mobile Wallet Application Development

We make customized wallets as per customers’ specifications to organize debit cards, credit cards, gift cards, banks accounts. We combine various latest technologies like QR Scanner payment easier and simpler.

Custom Mobile Wallet Programming

Some of our mobile wallets contain receipt era, order record, fingerprint scanner, signal protection, KYC supervision, patriotism point supervision.

Mobile Wallets for Merchants (E Wallet Development For Merchant )

Mosanra innovators make specialized wallets for traders keeping in mind their business needs. Wallet accentuates include bill era, analytics, and sales recording to mention a few. These wallets work seamlessly on several devices like mobiles, laptops, and tablets.

Mobile Wallet Integration

We link their party APIs to the mobile to enhance the knowledge like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Razor Pay, etc.

Cross-Platform Mobile Wallet Services

We create both native iOS, Android and cross-platform wallets apps with superior performance and stunning looks. We create minimalistic UI/UX designs to give customers delight while using the apps.

Our e-wallet Development Services

We offer a wide range of e-wallet Web Development services which includes complete end to end custom web application development with Electronic Wallet. We provide a high quality and High Performing e-wallet development solution to our clients.

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  • Digital Wallet Development
  • Mobile Wallet Application Development
  • Custom Mobile Wallet Programming
  • e-wallet Module Development
  • e-wallet Extension Development

User Panel Features:

Stoner Registration

Users can create and edit their profile and store relevant information like phone number, address, bank details, transaction history, etc.

Transmit Money to Account

Users can transfer money to and from their bank accounts in an easy and hassle-free manner.

Wallet Money Transfer

Users can easily transfer and receive money to and from other users’ wallets; this allows transferring of funds faster as compared to bank account transfer.

Ask for Friends

Options for users to invite their friends by sharing referral code and earn reward points, cash backs, and discounts.

POS Integration

We use NFC, Near Field Communication, and a contactless technology that allows users to pay by tapping their Smartphone against the point of sale terminal.

Halve Bills

Allows users to split the bills with their friends and colleagues.

Add Bank Account

Users can add multiple bank accounts to the wallet for transactions.

Cash Withdrawal

Allows users to withdraw cash without using a physical credit or debit card

Add Money

Add money to the wallet in a few taps.

Demands Notifications

Push notifications for discounts, promo codes, or reminders for bill payment dues.

Check Balance

Users can check their wallet balance at any time.

Pay Bills

Users can pay bills for utilities like water bill, electricity bill, rent bill; they can do mobile account recharges, metro card recharges or bus card recharges to name a few.

Transaction History

Similar to a bank’s passbook, it keeps all the transaction history of the user date wise.

Online Receipt

Generate and send or receive a digital receipt after every transaction, these receipts can easily be printed by connecting to a printer.

High Security

Highly secured mobile wallets that are protected against all online threats and malware.

Secured Transactions

Keep your money in safe hands by adding an extra layer of security by password protecting the app.

Loyalty Programs

Make the users permanent customers by offering them rewards, loyalty points, referral bonus, promo codes, cashback, etc.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to the user apps to remind them about new offers, discounts at a regular interval.

Multiple Language support

Users can choose their language preferences and enjoy a better app experience in their language of choice.

Travel Reservations

The user can pay for hotel booking, flight booking, train booking, bus booking, through the e-wallet app. Movie tickets are also something a user can book with these apps.

Geo-location Feature

With the help of in-built GPS, you can search for peers around you and can pay easily just by tapping the located recipient for a faster payment experience.

Data Synchronization

You can sync important data and bank accounts linked to the phone number securely, accurately and conveniently without requiring connecting to the bank account separately.


A calendar can help you manage your transaction easily in one central place. You can schedule fund transfers, payments at specified dates in the future.

In-App Camera Access

In-app cameras let users scan the QR codes, send pictures of bills, invoices, or they can be used for various other purposes.


This is an excellent method from the view of security as it creates OTP for a transaction and hides sensitive credit and debit card details from the merchants.

Cloud Operations

We store your data in secure cloud storage which makes the app highly secured, fast, and reliable, leaving the least chances of exposures.

Virtual Cards

Virtual cards are similar to e-wallets; they run on wallets and contain username and password. They are similar to credit and credit cards but in virtual form.