Affiliate marketing is for you if, you wish to promote the business online, more immigrants or traffic to your website and advertise on a thousand sure-shots for free and in return pay for the sure-shot sales of your services or products.

Don’t know much about affiliate marketing? It is the marketing where the businesses reward their affiliates for each custom affiliate given rise to by the actions of the affiliates. Here the companies share the risk with the aff and ensure that both of them are rewarded for the calculated risk based on pre-defined goals and objectives. Our team can help you team up with affiliates as we carefully pick them after investigation and look out for ad networks like reach, a network of publishers, ad networks and affiliates, optimized CPA, CPC, CPV and CPL and last but not the least the remarkable conversion volume that provides an extensive supervision service that covers everything right from developing to optimizing an affiliate program from about also to end. We not only provide you expertise but also identify the high potential opportunities and then execute the campaigns to maximize performance. To maximize the potential of the campaigns, our team never misplace focus on maintaining the current accomplishment while maintaining different growth opportunities. Our unique approach allows the account managers to continuously cycle through the process and support the established campaign when launching the newer ones. Types of Affiliate Advertising Programs Keeping your business module the and product or services in the topic there are the following ways that the affiliates pay:

  • Pay-per-click: Here you are paid each time someone clicks on an advertisement or the link.
  • Pay-per-lead: This should be chosen by the advertisers who want people to sign-up or join. Such deferred by financial services providers such as banks and insurance companies.
  • Pay-per-sale: You are paid a percentage of the sale the post or advertisement posted by you generates.
  • Pay-per-action: This is a new option that is fairly doing well. Herein you are paid when the user completes an action.

Why Choose Mosanra?

Our team of experts have the understanding of working with leading affiliate marketers like Link Share, Trade Doublers, CJ etc and has successfully managed affiliate marketing tendencies.

Our team performs extensive research to find the publisher’s relationship between you and the publisher’s website. This ensures the recruitment of the applicable publishers for the affiliate marketing movement.

As it is critical to review the applications and eliminate the trash publishers so that only references commerce comes to your website. This also reduces the bounce-back rates and helps in saving money.

Our team communicates and coordinates with the publishers to develop a sense of solidarity about the movement. It also keeps motivated and pushes the marketing efforts for a longer time.

This is not all, our team provides you with reports and optimize the procedure.